Chronic Commissions

Cronic Commissions is a a new IM product that has caused a bit of controversy with its very in-your-face sales letter and promises. It is often said that IM products tend to promise too much, i.e. that they promise way more than they will be able to deliver, and that is the case for Cronic Commissions as well. This does not mean that Chronic Commissions is a bad product or that it is necessarily promoting itself in an dishonest way, because the sales page and the video has a degree of irony to it and is in a way a parody of other over-the-top pitches – including plenty of references to drugs. It is, all in all, hard to take too seriously and therefore it will hopefully be clear to everyone that it is not a push button system that will give you a helicopter within a year if you pay the USD 47 to get it.

chronic-commissions-220x300Okay, now we know that it has a controversial sales pitch with a lot of drug remarks and big promises, but what is the actual product? Chronic Commissions is a rather good and useful tool that helps you earn money through list building. It is often said that the money is in the list and this product will help you get the most out of your list and get the most people to the list. It is however important to know that if you want to use this system in the best way possible it is not a zero cost system to follow. It for example highly recommendable that you pay for Aweber, a paid autoresponder, if you decided to get this product. There are free alternatives but they are not very good and might be a disaster once your list grows bigger.

With the product you get several different modules (with video) that helps you learn and get the most out of the product. It is highly recommended that you view these modules as this products is all about getting the most out of your list and for this product to help you do that you need to get the most out of the product.

Chronic Commissions is a useful product, but that does however not mean that it is for everyone and I would in all honesty be hard pressed to recommend it to a beginner. A beginner would probably be better of getting Google Sniper 2.0. If you on the other hand have constructed a couple of websites already and spent at least a couple of months in the business and want to expand into list building (or advance your list), then this is a good product that should be able to pay for itself many times over.