Commission Blackops

Commission Blackops is a push button type software that claims to be able to help you you earn a lot of money by creating websites for you with the click of the button. Generally speaking, products that claim to give you money at the click of a button without a lot of work are scammy piece of shit products designed soley to earn money for whomever is selling it. The question is whether or not Commission Blackops is more of the same, or if this is a product that actually works. To answer that question we need to look beyond the hype, the sales video and the affiliate pitches and check out the software itself.

CommissionBlackOps-283x300The software come bundled with a lot of guides and training aids which is commendable but pointless if the software itself isn’t good and we will therefore disregards the training aids and other bonuses for the moment and judge the product solely on its main feature, the software.

The software is designed for affiliate marketing and selling clickbank products. You give the software the login info to your hosting account and the domain name you want to develop your domain on, and the software then automatically installs WordPress on the domain and populate the site with content. It will post information and ads about products relevant to the niche of your domain to populate the site, and it will also add articles. The software is able to keep the site up to date by autoposting more content. The idea is to give you an instant site ready to earn. All content should be spun and collected in such a way that unique content that is loved by Google is created. Finally the software has a link builder that creates profile links by registering accounts at different sites and putting the link in the profile. This is said to help propel the sites upwards in the serps and make the site start earning money in no time.

Okay, that was what the software is supposed to do but is it really doing it? And if so, is it doing it well? The answer is that the WordPress install function (which isn’t really anything special in itself) works well, but the rest of the software leaves a lot to desire even though it is better than many other softwares of this type.

The content creation and posting function does work, but the quality of the generated content is very low and will not inspire any trust in a human reader. It is by no means quality content and all though it will be indexed by Google it is not content that I would say is loved by Google. On the contrary, it is quite obviously against Google’s TOS and sites will be banned as they are discovered. What you are creating is an autoblog and there can be no doubt that Google strongly dislikes autoblogs and is trying to remove them from their SERPs completely.

The link building function creates low value profile links that might have carried value at one point in history but that today, especially after the Panda update, carry very little weight in Google. Using it as the only way to promote your websites will give a very poor profile. It could be used as a part of a much larger link building campaign, but such a campaign seems wasted on an autoblog that always will risk being de-indexed by Google.

After having reviewed the software I can not recommend it to anyone. Although it has more merit than some push button systems and has the potential to make you some money (putting you well into the green from buying it), I still can not recommend it as it will not help you build a long term business but rather simply to spam the search engines short term.

Especially beginners should stay away from this product and instead try to build something more stable. If you need a guide that can help you do that I recommend the Google Sniper system.