Don´t trust reviews

It is a simple truth. You should never trust a review about an affiliate or IM product online. This is true for more or less any products, but some niches are more spammy than others and more stuffed with fake glowing reviews posted simply because the person doing the review wants you to buy the product so that they get their commission. As an affiliate marketeer you should know this, but it can be easy to forget and it is therefore good to be reminded about it every now and then.

dollar1It may seem strange that I tell you not to trust reviews of IM and affiliate marketing products since this is a site reviewing IM and Affiliate products. Surely I am the exception and this is the site you should trust? The answer is no. You should not trust this site either, even though I genuinely do try to write honest reviews and only give good reviews to good products. There are more than enough money to be made trying to sell good products, so there is no need to try to sell bad products. None the less, you should not trust this site either. You should take what I say, and what anyone else say, scrutinize it and than decide what you believe to be the case. The truth is that a product I think is useless might be what turns out to be your favorite book, while the book I love dearly you might find boring, or overly technically or simply not focused on the areas you would have preferred it to focus on. You should therefor take everything that is said in all reviews, mine and others, with a grain of salt and form your own opinion instead of uncritically listening to other peoples opinions.

Below I am going to give you some tips to see through all the BS and find the good products.

  • If it seems to good to be true it probably is. If you see a program that promises you to earn lots and lots of money with next to no work the product will not live up to what it promises. It might still be a good product filled with a lot of useful information that will help you earn more money online, but if you believe the hype you will only get disappointed.
  • Picture and image proof can be faked easily. Even if you see the people logging in to what seems to be their account etc online it is still easy to fake in a number of ways. I am not going to mention them here as I don´t want to teach anyone how to fake images and possible defraud people.
  • Good products promote hard work and time spent. In other words, good products tell you what you will learn and how that can help you earn more money. But they do not tell you, or try to imply, how much money you will earn or how little time you will need to spend.

These rules are generally true, but there are some exceptions from this. It should also be said that when I say good products above I do not just refer to the knowledge they offer but also how well they can live up to the expectations they are creating.

Remember that there are plenty of money to be made on the web. Much of it easy money, but it is not free money. You will need to work for it and the more work you put in the more money you get out.