Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper 2.0 is the updated version of the very well known Google Sniper educational suite. Google Sniper is basically an e-book that teaches you how to make money online. The original e-book was very well received and appreciated by many. It helped thousands of people getting started in the business by providing a guide to what actually worked even it do it required work. As such, the Google Sniper has also been one of the few products I recommend. The question is if the Google Sniper 2.0 lives up to its predecessor. The short answer is yes, and no.

Google-Sniper-300x194The new version is good, but the differences might not be big enough to call it a new version. It is to a very large extent the same system with the same videos as before. The biggest difference is a new module regarding how to build an empire and this section is in itself not enough to warrant a new version as it simply contains rather basic outsourcing. This means that this product adds little for anyone who already own the original Google Sniper course and can not be recommended to this group. It is however still a valuable tool for beginners who do not own the original course and it will help beginners make money – if they are prepared to work. If you follow the instructions you get and work on it you will earn the cost of the book back in no time.

Okay, now that I have said a few words about the product, what I think about it and who it is suitable for, it might be time to explain what the e-book actually teaches you. The course teaches you to build small sites focused around specific keywords and how to rank these sites to earn money from Google Adsense or affiliate marketing. It teaches you how to find good keywords to build the sites around, keywords that are easy to rank for but that still can offer a decent return on money and effort put into building and ranking them. The keyword research section is one of the most important sections of the entire course and will teach you a lot that will help you become a profitable internet marketeer.

The section on how to build a website will teach you how to build small websites, usually only comprise of a few pages, and optimize them to rank well in Google without needing too many links. The SEO information in the new Google Sniper 2.0 leaves a lot to be desired as what worked 2 years ago when the first version was released isn’t necessary the best things to do now. It might not be fair to call the SEO information bad or lacking, but it is no doubt that it is the weakest section in this new product.

All in all I do not think that the Google Sniper 2.0 lives up to its heritage and it is not as good as the original product was two years ago when it first came out. That being said, it is still one of the best guides out there for beginners who want to start earn money on the internet with tested methods that work if one put in the hours to make them work. I therefore recommend this product to anyone who wants to get started in the IM business and who doesn’t already own the previous version.