Income Entourage

Income Entourage is a product designed to help you build your list and make your website go viral. It contains software and a lot of educational resources as well as a forum community where you get the chance to discuss IM related questions with the people behind Income Entourage. All in all, it is not a bad product even though it has received some bad reviews on some websites and has been called a scam more than once. It is however important that you understand what you are paying for and what it really is before you buy it or you might end up feeling fooled as well.
Income-EntourageThe sales page for this product show a lot of revenue proof, fast cars and big boats making it seem like a guaranteed way to make a lot of easy money. This is partly the reason why it has received such mixed reviews because this isn’t really a method to make a lot of money in a short amount of time (especially not if you start from scratch) or without a lot of work. What it is a way to make money over time by doing a lot of hard work. It should also be mentioned that it is not a system that works by itself – you need a site and you need traffic for it to work. Without traffic to feed into the system this product does nothing. There are resources to help you attract traffic but that is not the main scoop of the product. All in all, I am not a fan of the sales pages because even though I am sure it converts well it also misrepresents a product that is good enough to stand on its own merit without a lot of hype. A product that if sold under another sales letter might have attracted fewer negative comments around the internet and more satisfied users.

Now lets review the actual product and see who should get it. The marketing on the sales page seems to target beginners and people who want to get started in the IM field, perhaps to get away from their present work, but these are, according to me, not the most well suited group for this product simply because it will work a lot better if you already have a website with traffic that you leverage this product against. I think the product is more suitable for beginners that has been in the industry for at least some time, has a couple of websites, knows how to attract traffic and want to improve their list building and viral marketing. If that sounds like you, than maybe you should take a closer look at Income Entourage.

It should however be mentioned that the product does not help you do anything that you can not do without it. It simply facilitates the work and makes it quicker, which is of course a big plus in situations where time is money. If you have a lot of time and not very much money than you can do without the product, at least until you start earning more money and has less time on your hands. The feature that is hard to get outside the product is the forum contact with the producers of this product, but any knowledge they can give you is available in other places on the web as well.

For beginners wanting to earn their first money online I recommend checking out Google Sniper instead.