Instant Passive Profits

Instant passive profits is a software that will help you get extra traffic to your website so that you can increase your earnings. It does this by harvesting urls that you can use for cheap advertising where you get clicks for cent on the dollar. It will however not get you free traffic, so if that is what you are looking for than this is not the product for you.
instantpassiveprofits-300x157The sale pitch itself for this product is a bit contradictory as they start off talking about how some products are marketed in less than honest ways and than turns around and market their own product in pretty much the same way. Of course it could be argued that the difference is that the proofs etc shown in this video are true while others lie when marketing other products, but if we should´t believe the others, why should we believe IPP?

But lets disregard that, and let’s disregard how the video contains a really long time of babbling before it gets to the point. Let’s instead point out that it easy to miss the fact that you need money to pay for advertising to make any money with this software even after you bought it. So to benefit from it you need at least a USD100 to spend beside the cost of the product to even be able to use it. This is something that should really be clearly stated as USD100 can be a lot of money for IM beginners which is one of the main target groups for this product. To not do so in a very clear manner makes it a borderline scam.

The product is also associated with several upsells that are presented in such a way that a beginner or less internet experienced person can get the impression that these additions are required if you want to succeed with the software. This can naturally be very unsettling for someone who already payed almost USD 50 for a product they now feel might not work for them. Of course, you do not really need the upsells but if you are venturing into the business for the very first time it can be unsettling.

The products itself does what it is supposed to do. It finds URL:s where you can advertise without spending a lot of money using the advertising network this software is made for. It can be good for people that want to increase their traffic to a site and that has an advertising budget to spend on advertising on the suggested URL:s.

So what is the conclusion? Well, this isn’t a poor product per say but it can not be recommended to beginners due the fact that it requires an advertising budget. Furthermore, getting more traffic by paying for it can be a great way to increase you earnings but is not really recommendable to a beginner that still do not know if their website, product etc is converting because if it is not than it is just a complete lose to pay for even the cheapest advertising.

I would recommend any beginner too look at Google Sniper 2.0 (reviewed on this site) instead as that is a much better option if you want to get off to a good start.

This product can however be a good purchase for an experienced marketeer who want to find new advertising channels.