Super Affiliate Commissions

Super affiliate commission is a guide on how to make money online. It claims to be a step by step guide that through easy steps will teach you what you need to learn to earn money online as an affiliate. The entire course is built around the thought that mind set and knowledge is all that stand between you and wealth.

superaffiliat-300x225The course consist of five different modules, each guiding you through a different step in the construction of a profit earning website. Each module contains both text and video.
The five modules are the following:

Module 1 – Discovering the right mindset
This module is, according to the authors if this course, all about understanding the difference in mindset between average and super affiliates. By viewing the video, listening to the mp3 and reading the pdf you too can allegedly learn how to think like a winner affiliate.

Module 2 – How to find a good niche.
This module is about how to find a good niche for your website. It contains video, mp3 and pdf.

Module 3 – Picking the right affiliate programs
This module will help you to choose what to promote once you have decided what niche to enter. The material is presented as mp3, video and pdf.

Module 4 – Affiliate funnel
Here you get to know more about how to get the most out of each visitor. Video, pdf and mp3.

Module 5 – How to gain traffic
This module talks about how to get more traffic from different sources ranging from Facebook to SEO and the search engines.

The course comes with four different bonuses that are all e-books focused on different aspects of the business. When I’m writing this, the course costs USD 27.

Our Opinion
First of I would like to comment on the sales page for this program. It is to the point and does not promise more than it can deliver. Unlike some other courses, it does not claim that you will be super rich and drive a Ferrari in 10 days working 30 min a day if you buy this course. Instead, it gives a rather honest view of what it is, an affiliate course that can help you become a better affiliate marketeer.

The course is rather reasonable priced at USD 27 and have a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product you are free to return it and get a full refund.

Now to the product itself. It does not contain any earth shattering new information that is not free on one place or another on the internet. It does however offer a fine collection of info that otherwise can take some time to accumulate buy browsing the web. Also, the course presents this information in a very nice way with videos, pdf:s and mp3 which means that the information may be easier to grasp and take to heart through this course rather than spending countless ours on the internet researching. All in all I think it for that reason is well worth the price and would recommend it to any beginner or intermediate affiliate marketeer.