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Welcome to affiliates marketers guide. Here you will find the latest trends and tips that can help you make a splash as an affiliate marketeer. You will also find reviews of different affiliate marketing products, blueprints and e-books. In short, our site will help you make money. And to that end, we want to start by telling you the biggest secret to making money online, to success in affiliate marketing and in life. If you are going to take but one thing with you from this site it should be this advice:


Take action, take action, take action!!!

It is very easy to get stuck reading tips, blueprints and forums. To plan all day but to never get anything done or to simply waste the days doing nothing. This is why it is so important to take action and actually get things done every day, all day. The one thing that separates successful affiliate marketers from the unsuccessful ones is that the successful marketers take action.

Generate leads

To be successful in generating leads, you need to choose an IM (Internet Marketing) strategy and then stick to it long enough to be successful instead of giving up and going for another method. One of the most common mistakes among beginners and unsuccessful marketers is that they always chase the latest trend and the latest fad and never give anything enough time. Most sites and techniques need to be given at least six months, preferable a year before they can be properly evaluated. This is regardless of whether you try to generate leads in a high revenue industry like Binary options or CFD trading platforms.

You can of course test several techniques and strategies at the same time, in fact, I recommend you to do that, but it is important that you don’t give up on a strategy too soon unless it is because of another strategy – that you have tried – is so successful that you want to devote all your time to that.

Free material

If you are a beginner there is plenty of free material available for you online that will help you learn the trade. There are also a large number of e-books and products available to buy (some reviewed on this site) that can help you get started. It is important to realize that for every good product available there are at least two bad ones on the market, and it is therefore always good to read reviews about the product you’re interested in before making any purchase. Try to read several reviews including at least one on a forum to get a good idea of what the product really offers (or simply read the review here) since there are plenty of review sites that will say that any shit is fantastic simply to sell you the product. Here at Affiliate Marketer Guide, we do not do that. Why you might ask. Well, honestly it is not because of our superior morals but rather because there is no need to promote bad products when there are so many good products out there, products that actually help budding affiliate marketers. So there is really no need to say anything but the truth.

We hope you will find the site, our advice and our reviews helpful and wish you a successful IM career.

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