Mass Profit Formula

Mass profit formula is a piece of software. I have a big problem reviewing it, because I don’t like it. It is not that it is a bad software, on the contrary it is a rather good software, but it still comes nowhere near delivering what is implied in the sales letter. This leaves me with good product that I still like to call a scam. Let me explain a bit further why I think mass profit formula is a scam but at the same time not a scam. Lets start by looking at the sales page.

Mass-Profit-Formula-300x188The sales page mentions a lot of big number and contains videos designed to back up these claims. It also contains an individual story about how quickly a person started earning money with this software while sleeping and delivering pizza fliers after having spent 84 seconds installing the software and firing it up. All in all, it gives the appearance that the software is a press button money making machine that once you bought it and installed it will make you tens of thousands of dollars each and every month on autopilot.

Now, lets look at what the product actually does. It finds hot products for you to promote on Clickbank and Plimus. It also analyzes the products to make sure that they do indeed sell and are profitable. The program can be compared to a niche finder but is even more narrow as it finds you unique products to promote rather than a niche, a product people are already buying so that it wont be hard to make sales. The information this software provides can be very helpful. If you prefer to work with only Clickbank or only Plimus the software allows this as well.

With the software you also get 6 different training modules focused on how to operate the software, how to setup a website for a certain products, and some tips about SEO and traffic attraction.

Now it should be obvious to anyone what the problem is. The product you get and the product that is advertise seem to be two very different things. The software you get is a good tool that can help you earn money through building websites. It is however not a one click system. It just helps you past the first step. If you do not build a website and get traffic to it through SEO, article marketing, PPC or any other method, you will not earn anything and this is quite far from what the website seems to say. Let me say that again, because it is an important point. The software in itself does not make any money.

On one hand it is in other words a complete scam, on the other hand it is a great product well worth the price. My advice is that the product is good and worth buying if you realize what it is and don’t have too big expectations after visiting the website. A more realistic view is that the software with some work on your behalf can help you earn about $1-2 k month within 6 months if you stick with the method. If you do not like the software, you can always use the 60 day refund guarantee.