SEOpressor is a plug-in for WordPress that helps you do SEO for your blog and for every post you write and publish on that blog. It is not a product for everyone and it is not a product you can’t do without, but it is none the less a great product that can help you a lot and make your IM life a lot easier and more efficient.

seopressor-300x239Let’s start by looking at the sales page of this product. It promises to be very effective but it does not promise you a certain number of visitors nor does it entice you with high numbers and the money you can earn with this product. Instead, it highlights what it actually does. Granted it might oversimplify things a bit and make it seem a bit easier than it is to get number 1 rankings in Google, but all in all it represents itself in a rather truthful manner. It also lists and describes the features of the product in a well structured fashion.

SEOpressor offers different licenses depending on the users needs. A single site license is available for those that only have one blog, and for those who have lot of blogs there is an unlimited license. Both these versions are well worth their price although the multisite license offers a lot more value for money and should be the choice for anyone with more than one site.

Now lets look at the actual plug-in itself. The plug-in is for WordPress 3.0 or better. Once installed and activated, it helps you optimize the blog for search engines (i.e. do SEO work) by recommending different setting as well as helping you optimize each and every blog post. The real value of the plug-in is the function that helps you optimize the blog posts. This can be extremely helpful as it makes it easier to produce well optimized articles. SEOpressor will give each post you write a SEO score between 0-100 with 100 being the best. It also recommends what you can do to improve the post and the SEO score. The optimizer looks at a long row of different factors to determine how well optimized an article is, including but not limited to factors such as keyword density, use of keywords in headers, use of keywords in opening paragraph, etc. It is easy to improve the SEO score of articles using this software and the results will show themselves soon enough in the ranking of your posts.

The fact that the software just tells you what to do to optimize the text, instead of just going ahead and doing it for you, is one of the biggest strengths of this software. Partly because any auto changes that are done to texts risk reducing the quality of said text to a human reader, and partly because the fact that you have to make the changes yourself make this piece of software into one of the best Onpage SEO education tools out there. You will learn how to write good posts that receive high SEO scores right from the start in no time, and you will benefit from this when writing texts for other sites, platforms etc. What this means is that SEOpressor will not only improve the SEO of your WordPress blog but also have a positive effect on your Blogger blogs, your Squidoo pages, your hubs and so on.

I highly recommend this product.